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Workshops galore!

by swingadmin on 26th September 2017

Every step you take makes you a better dancer! Whether it’s a step on the floor or in the air.
Broaden your repertoire and discover more fun dancing. What takes your fancy?
Aerials or Balboa?
October 22 is our Great Big Learning day, as we offer two special workshops.

Don’t miss these opportunities for focussed learning with top quality instructors.

Sunday 22 October
ReadyMade Rehearsal Space, Ultimo
with Trudi Pickering & Max Pogonowski
– take to the sky!, learning 5 fun swing aerials and all the basics of flying, suitable for any swing dancers wanting to work on their aerials technique and get a taste of this exciting aspect of lindy hop.
Click HERE for details.

Sunday 22 October
DUTI Studios, Newtown
with Trish & Derek Carruthers
– learn the fundamentals of Balboa in a workshop that will have you social dancing by the end of the day, suitable for total beginners and newcomers to Balboa.
Click HERE for details.

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