Itching to get back to class after the holiday break? Check Class Timetable and flag the date your favourite venues…


The final class of 2019 will be on Monday 9 December.
Enjoy your holiday break, and join us again on Monday 3 February 2020


Swing dance class north of the bridge in Chatswood!
Our experienced and friendly teachers will teach you everything you need to do from scratch. We’ll have you dancing and smiling in minutes.


7:00pm: Level 1
Total Beginners

Drop in any week, all welcome! Each week we start from scratch with the basic steps so you can start anytime. We rotate partners throughout the class so no partner required, all you need is to show up and we’ll get you dancing. If you’re keen to get started or want to work on your basic technique, this is the class for you.


8.00pm – 8.15pm: Social Dancing for everyone
The best way to improve your dancing is to … well … dance. Social dancing is excellent for new dancers to gain confidence and for established dancers to warm up and get to know our new students.


8:15pm: Level 2

Are you looking to take the next step in your dancing? Chatswood’s second class on Monday nights is where we’ll be teaching new moves and focusing on perfecting your lead and follow technique.

Anyone who has done the first class of the night is invited to stay for the second class, where we’ll be taking the content from the first class to the next level with more variations, moves and technique.

To get the most from these extra classes you’ll have already completed at least one full series of Charleston, 6-beat and 8-beat, and be comfortable with the basic rhythms.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to do the first class of the night in order to do the second class, unless you get approval from Derek and Jo. The reason for this is to ensure that our students continue to practice their core essential footwork and moves. In order to get approval to do just the second class, you’ll need to have been dancing Swing for at least one year and do an audition test with either Derek or Jo.


What’s swing dancing? This explains it all in less than 2 minutes.