A delightful clip featuring #lindyhop & #collegiateshag in the 1940 movie "Melody & Moonlight" šŸ’– Can you spot the lā€¦ https://t.co/bS83BRwxpv

By chance one Friday night a few years back, Ben stumbled across a place hopping with live music and a bunch of swing dancers having the time of their lives. He was instantly hooked.

Ben has been dancing non-stop ever since and finds it the perfect mix of creativity, challenge and fun.

Lindy, Blues and Balboa are rival favourites, although Bal might be in front having recently met Mickey and Kelly at Balboa Castle Camp!

While nothing beats a fun dance on the social floor, other highlights for Ben include attending workshops with amazing Australian or international dancers, anything involving lifts or aerials, and performing with the Harbour City Hoppers troupe over the past 3 years.


(photo credit: Andy Firth)

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