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Swing Patrol & COVID-19: September Update

by swingadmin on 3rd September 2021

In the light of the on-going Covid outbreak in Sydney, Swing Patrol remains closed for the foreseeable future. We will continue to follow public health advice, and adhere to government directives and plans for re-opening. As has been the case throughout the course of this pandemic, we will exercise caution when making decisions about when we are ready to resume dance activities.

Announcements will be made here on the website, on the Swing Patrol Sydney Facebook page, and in our eNewsletter.

However you’re doing it, Lockdown is challenging, and demotivating. If you need inspiration to move your body (in a Covid-safe way), consider Swing Patrol Home Sessions. Bite-sized video lessons are ideal for a quick break during the work-from-home day, or to curate your own weekend exercise program. Subscribe to our online library of swing dance lessons, knowing you can cancel your subscription at any time, if you don’t need access after Lockdown ends.

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