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Swing Patrol & COVID-19: October Update

by swingadmin on 28th October 2021

At this stage, Swing Patrol plans to wait until early 2022 to resume our in-person classes. To allow for maximum protections and accessibility for our community, we will wait for the 95% fully vaccinated threshold (relaxed DQs, no capacity limits for dance classes, masks not required in most indoor settings.) We also need to understand what “living with the virus” looks like before we can confidently resume group partner dancing in our community again.

We may be able to schedule some “refresher” workshops in December/January, for a chance to Dust Off The Rust before classes resume. Any such workshops, as well as which class locations we can re-open, depend on venue and instructor availability, which have both been impacted by such a long shutdown.

Announcements about our plans for workshops and regular classes will be made here on the website, on the Swing Patrol Sydney Facebook page, and in our eNewsletter.

In need of some practice before in-person classes resume? Consider Swing Patrol Home Sessions. Subscribe to our online library of bite-sized video swing dance lessons that you can access any time, anywhere. From warm-ups, drills & exercises to classic choreography, there’s plenty to keep you dancing over the summer holiday season. You can cancel your subscription at any time, if you don’t need access after returning to class.

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