What a great weekend at the Ahoy Ball!!! I can’t wait to see how we will celebrate Swing Patrol Sydney’s sweet 16th… https://t.co/WclQBQlCck


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Swing Patrol’s Savoy-Style Swinging Soiree

Join Swing Patrol's year end party, inspired by the legendary Savoy Ballroom, with two bands playing continuously all night long, in the beautiful art-deco Balmain Town Hall.

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All The Cats Join In 2019 – A Balboa & Shag Affair

Two popular college dances from the jazz age — Balboa and Collegiate Shag — are the stars of a long weekend jam-packed full of swingin' goodness. Coming in March 2019. IN MELBOURNE

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Sydney Swing Festival 2019

Sydney Swing Festival will return in January 2019!!

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Juke Joint Glebe

Blues Dancing once a month at Juke Joint.

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Swing Pit

Swing Pit welcomes new dancers to the swing world, with music for everyone to enjoy, whether they've been dancing for just an hour, or the whole century.

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