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Swing Era Heroes Poster Series

by swingadmin

KL Swing created a magnificent series of posters featuring some of the great dancers and musicians from the early days of swing and lindy hop.
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Research by: Chin Lijin, Patience Chen & Jordan Saw

Editing & Design by: Ming Pang

About the project:
This poster series was put together for KL Swing’s 10th Anniversary in September, 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The objective was to introduce students to some of our heroes from the world of swing jazz and swing dance.

We hope everyone who sees this is inspired to find out a bit more about the origins of the music and dance that we love so much.

Research was done to the best of our abilities, but we aren’t dance historians. Corrections or feedback would be gratefully received at: info@klswing.com

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