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Performance Ball thank you!

by swingadmin on 3rd September 2018

Swing Patrol Sydney Performance Ball 2018!

Congratulations to everyone involved in running or performing at the Performance Ball. Watching the joy and great community support for each other on social media has been so cool. Take a bow and thanks for being part of such a great tradition.

A standing ovation is due to all the performers, whether this was your first Performance Ball or your umpteenth. It’s simply amazing how much heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears goes into realising that 3 minutes on the dance floor, and how exhilarating it is to perform to a wildly supportive crowd of your peers and fellow swing lovers. There is no more appreciative audience than our own tribe, our community.

Huge THANK YOU to all those who gave their time and talents to the Ball, in various capacities.

Heartfelt thanks and applause must go to our tremendous teaching team, who select music and choreograph and teach routines week to week in fun and engaging classes. In addition, they dedicate time to extra rehearsals, providing supplementary learning aids, organising costumes, and generally supporting their eager and sometimes anxious students in the lead up to the big event and on the night. Performance Ball is a true mark of the passion and skill of this wonderful group.

CHATSWOOD: Derek Carruthers, Jo Yuen
GLEBE: Cameron Yip, Renee Noble
JUKE JOINT: Andy Firth, Jo Yuen
NEWTOWN: Derek G, Lani Zaragoza
NORTH SYDNEY: Dean B, Trudi Pickering
PADDINGTON: Ben Farmer, Emely Davidson, Serena Dyce
SWING PIT: Derek G, Trish Carruthers

Event Curators: Lani Zaragoza, Jess Bayfield, Derek G.
MC: Catherine Pogonowski
DJs – Ball: Brock Mifsud, Derek G, Merilyn Pidgeon
DJs – After Party: Varisht
Band – After Party: Pocket Trio
Audio: Dean B
Photography: David Byrne/Wax Wing Photography
Videography: Jess Bayfield
Graphics: Chris May
Admin support: Melinda Smith

Beginner lesson teachers: Derek Carruthers, Jo Yuen (SP Chatwood)

Front Of House and Behind the Scenes
Set up & Pack up – Derek G, Emely Davidson, Lani Zaragoza, Renee Noble, Trudi Pickering
Door crew – Bonnie Theresa, Bridget Fly, Bridget Poon, Jess Bayfield, Livie Collet, Phoebe Elise McWhirter, Trudi Pickering

Official videos and photographs of the Ball coming soon to Swing Patrol Sydney Facebook and Instagram.

In the meantime, hit social media to post your own photos, upload your videos and share your memories. Tag #swingpatrolsydney

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