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Learn To Dance In A Day

by swingadmin on 24th January 2018

Swing Patrol’s Learn To Dance In A Day workshops are a great way to take your first steps in swing dancing.

Are you:
* a total beginner dancer?
* brand new to swing dancing?
* experienced in one role (Lead or Follow) and keen to explore the other role?

Learn To Dance In A Day – Lindy Hop workshops are:
* ideal for anyone who thinks they have two left feet. You’ll learn the basics of swing in a fun, friendly environment, and you’ll find yourself dancing by the end of the day.
* a chance for anyone experienced in other dances to get a crash course in the fundamentals of lindy hop and partnered charleston.
* an opportunity to start learning your “non-dominant role”, to gain a deeper understanding of the dance (and increase the number of potential dance partners!)

No partner? No worries. All welcome – we rotate partners to give everyone the experience of real social swing dancing.

Click here for more details and booking information. Register now for the final workshop for 2018, on Sunday 28 October.

Also …
Learn To Dance In A Day – Balboa.
THIS Sunday 9 September
Learn the foundations of Balboa – a classic swing dance that originated in Southern California in the 1930s – and now a staple on swing social dance floors the world over.
Click here for dates, details and booking information.

Keep an eye on our Workshops page for more learning opportunities.

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