Itching to get back to class after the holiday break? Check Class Timetable and flag the date your favourite venues…

Swing Pit

Swing Pit has finished for 2019.

Enjoy your holiday break, and join us again on Friday 10 January 2020


A fun night of social dancing and classes that welcomes everyone to the dance floor!



8:00pm: Level 1 class
New to dancing, and looking to try out your new skills? Been dancing for a hundred years and hungry for a night out? Swing Pit has something for everyone, on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month. Swing Pit is the place to take your very first swing dance class or to make new friends before taking to the social dancing floor with Sydney’s lindy hopping (and balboaing and solo dancing) fiends.

9:00pm til late: Social Dancing
Social dancing what we’re all about at Swing Patrol: meeting new people, dancing with friends, enjoying the music and the FUN of lindy hop! Swing Pit welcomes new dancers to the swing world, and offers DJed and live music for everyone to enjoy, whether they’ve been dancing for just an hour, or the whole century.


See you on the dance floor!