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Swing Patrol Home Sessions

It’s no surprise we are currently experiencing unprecedented demand for online swing dance lessons.
Swing Patrol has joined with an array of highly experienced local teachers to create a special offering – Swing Patrol Home Sessions.
We have an exclusive collection of short videos, featuring popular local teachers, covering an enticing array of topics, giving you a smorgasbord sampling of swing-related content.

Swing Patrol Home Sessions is available by subscription to a video-on-demand service. A monthly subscription gives you access to the full catalogue of Home Sessions videos, which you can watch online at any time, as many times as you like. The library includes videos videos from a number of different teachers, covering a wide range of topics. You’ll get warm-ups, exercises, choreography and more, all delivered in bite-sized videos.



The broad range of content on offer includes warm-ups, exercises & drills, choreography sequences, sections of classic routines, solo and partnered material, delivered in bite-sized videos. Most videos are 3-6 minutes long, and you can watch them online at any time, as many times as you like.
Topics included:

triple steps swing outs charleston – ’20s, ’40s, kicks
swivels slides turns
sugar pushes rhythms variations
Mama Stew Shim Sham California Routine
Blues Balboa Collegiate Shag
fast dancing Peabody Tap/Soft Shoe


There are 3 subscription plans, at varying prices, each offering a different level of access.

$30 Basic Monthly Subscription: Our basic package gives you access to our catalogue of exclusive videos, with new content uploaded every month.

NOTE: Our top tier plans are currently closed to new subscribers, but the “Basic” plan is still available for great content at a great value price.
$35 Community Monthly Subscription: This “next level” package gives you access to our catalogue of exclusive videos; plus membership of an exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions of the teachers and engage with the Home Sessions community.
$40 Bonus Community Monthly Subscription: This extra bonus level package gives you access to our catalogue of exclusive videos; plus membership of a secret Facebook group where you can ask questions of the teachers and engage with the Home Sessions community; plus exclusive personalised offerings eg. Private sessions via video.

Payment can be made online with credit card (Visa, Mastercard) or PayPal.

After your initial payment, your subscription will auto-renew each month.

You can cancel your subscription online at any time, if you no longer want access to the Home Sessions catalogue.

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Drawing on the wealth of talented and experienced swing dance instructors in Australia, we are delighted to be working with some of the best for the initial release of Swing Patrol Home Sessions. Never before have you been able to learn from so many great dancers in just one place – your place!

Anna van Dijk Chloé Méreau Noni Healy
Annabelle Hale Chris Sutton Scott Cupit
Arrianne O’Shea Joel Kohn Steph Ashby
Brady King Loz Yee


* Who is this for?
Video content will be suitable for swing dancers at an experienced beginner or intermediate level. Some topics (Balboa, Shag, Peabody, Tap) will start from scratch, but the lindy hop content will assume a basic knowledge of 6-beat, 8-beat and charleston rhythms.

* What do I need?
To access the videos, you will need a device such as a computer, laptop, iPad, smart phone. You will need a suitable internet connection, and use a recommended browser (a recent version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.)
To get the most out of the learning available, you will want sufficient clear space to dance, and footwear appropriate to dance safely (doing swivels in grippy shoes is risky, dancing fast in socks can be dangerous!)
As always, avoid these activities if you have, or suspect you may have any current health concerns, injuries, aches, pains etc.

* Can I view the videos offline?
No, you will need to stream them on an internet-connected device. Videos cannot be downloaded.

* Do I need to download an app?
No, video playback works on all devices, it does not require an app.

* Can I watch from outside of Australia?
Yes, the online video platform, Uscreen, uses servers from all over the world so that viewers can access videos from all over the world.

* Refunds
Subscriptions can be cancelled online at any time, after which no further payments will be taken. However, there is typically no refund available on a subscription payment that has already been made.

More questions? Check out the FAQ online


We’re excited to be able to offer this new style of learning, during the current physical distancing situation, and beyond. We hope you can find something to keep you dancing.

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