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Mini-Lindy Workshops

Swing Patrol is proud to present: the Mini-Lindy Workshops!

A series of mini workshops, designed to challenge yourself as a dancer, and learn from some of Sydney’s best teachers!

We have 4 teaching couples who have thought long and hard about how to push our scene to be better dancers. Each workshop will be 2 hours which gives plenty of time to get into the nitty-gritty of the content and plenty of time to play, practice and rotate through different partners. We’re running two mini-workshops per day over two Saturdays in January.

For Level 2 students and up, the workshops will cover some of the technical points of dancing, as well as throwing in some advanced moves. There will be an emphasis on social dancing, and the wonderful complexities of dancing with a partner. A good strong swing out and being comfortable with transitions between 6 beat, 8 beat and charleston are a must.

We’re excited and can’t wait to get fantastically nerdy about the wonderful dance we all love! Register soon as we will be capping numbers and monitoring ratios!



Open to swing dancers who have been dancing Level 2 for more than 3 months, who are comfortable social dancing, and can switch smoothly between 6 beat, 8 beat and charleston.


2 days with 4 hours of workshops per day!
This is a series of challenge workshops, with an emphasis on some of the finer, technical points of dancing, with some advanced moves thrown in.


Saturday 13 January 2018
12pm – 2pm: Workshop 1_THE DYNAMIC FRAME w. Trish & Derek Carruthers
A close look at one of the most fundamental aspects of partner dancing, we’ll be exploring how to make your connection feel smooth and natural to allow better flow and more expression in your dancing!

3pm – 5pm: Workshop 2_HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN JAM w. Lani Zaragoza & Derek G
The jam circle is a joyful swing dance phenomena; a lindy hoppers way of celebrating the dance, the music & each other – and it’s not just for superstars, it’s for everybody. In this session we’ll show you just how accessible it can be!

Saturday 20 January 2018
12pm – 2pm: Workshop 1_YOU, YOUR PARTNER, AND THE MUSIC w. Catherine & Max Pogonowski
In this workshop we discuss the magical third partner in swing dancing. Phrasing and music structure will be demystified and we’ll work on improvisation and accentuation.

3pm – 5pm: Workshop 2_CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE w. Trudi Pickering & Dean Badelles
Here we will show you tricks for leads to create options within a dance, which can send you in new directions. Follows, you won’t miss out: ideas for play and stylings within basics will be shared.

Studio will be open half an hour before each session to stretch, change and register. Please ensure you’re in the space 15 mins before each session starts to register, to ensure we begin on time.


LDA (Latin Dance Australia): Suite A – 263 Broadway Rd. Glebe NSW 2007 (near corner of Glebe Point Rd)
LDA in Glebe has polished floorboards, air-conditioning and is a short walk from Central, or accessible by bus. Paid parking is available in the area, however free parking may require a bit of a walk.


Because you want to be challenged, and we want to challenge you!

Important Note:
These are challenge classes! If you don’t know content which is assumed knowledge (transitions, swing-outs, common moves) we will not be teaching it. If you’re unsure about your level, please talk to a teacher before registering.



How to Register
Tickets on sale now in a variety of different forms. They are available as 1 day or 2 day passes, with a small number of single workshop passes available.
Pair Passes are available online – for 1 Lead + 1 Follow – to make registering easier for you + a friend.

FOLLOW places are CLOSED for these workshops. In order to give all participants the best possible experience in these partner dancing workshops, we must try to maintain a relatively even balance of Leads and Follows. Leads are still encouraged to register, and Pair Passes are currently available (for 1 Lead + 1 Follow.) We will monitor registrations and, should we be able to open Follow places again, we will announce here and on the Facebook event page.

Two days: All 4 workshops (8 hours of classes)
Early bird: $80 (available online until 5pm 31 December 2017)
Early Bird Pair Pass (1 Lead + 1 Follow): $160
Main round: $90 (available online until 5pm 11 January 2018)
Main Round Pair Pass (1 Lead + 1 Follow): $180
At the door: $100 (cash only on the day)

Full day: 2 Workshops (4 hours of classes)
Early bird: $45 (available online until 5pm 31 December 2017)
Early Bird Pair Pass (1 Lead + 1 Follow): $90
Main round: $50 (available online until 5pm on Thursday prior to workshop – 11 Jan OR 18 Jan 2018)
Main Round Pair Pass (1 Lead + 1 Follow): $100
At the door: $60 (cash only on the day)

Half Day: One single 2 hour workshop
Early bird: $25 (available online until 5pm 31 December 2017)
Early Bird Pair Pass (1 Lead + 1 Follow): $50
Main round: $30 (available online until 5pm on Thursday prior to workshop – 11 Jan OR 18 Jan 2018)
Main Round Pair Pass (1 Lead + 1 Follow): $60
At the door: $35 (cash only on the day)

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* This workshop is suitable for intermediate to advanced level swing dancers. Participants should have been dancing Level 2 for more than 3 months, be comfortable social dancing, and able to switch smoothly between 6 beat, 8 beat and charleston.

* You can attend either or both days of workshops. Tickets are available for one day only and two-day combo. There will be limited tickets for single workshops.

* You do not need to register with a partner, or bring one with you. We will rotate partners throughout each workshop. In order to provide the best learning environment for partner dancing workshops, we will monitor the ratio of leads and follows during registration, and it may not be possible to offer “At the door” tickets if numbers are too imbalanced.

* What do I bring on the day?
Water bottle, snacks, mints, deodorant, spare t-shirt, small towel, band aids – whatever you need to get through a challenging couple of hours of dancing.
And bring a smile and lots of energy!

* Refund Policy: full or partial refunds (less administration fee) may be available up to close of online registrations. Contact info@swingpatrol.com.au

* Any other questions?
Any questions, email info@swingpatrol.com.au



Derek and Trish Carruthers have a great passion for Swing and have been dancing it since 2001. They have won/placed several state and interstate competitions (AJC, ASDC, SJC, BOTR) and had the opportunity to teach locally, interstate and internationally.
The first Australians to be accepted into the renowned Balboa Experiment, they teach with a focus on technique, rhythm and style, with an emphasis on natural and fun movement … after all, it’s dancing.
Derek and Trish are two of the founding anchor teachers at Swing Patrol Newtown, Swing Pit and the Sydney Shuffle Club, and are looking forward to spending some time with you.

Lani Zaragoza and Derek G have been teaching together at Swing Patrol’s Newtown venue since late 2016. It’s a highlight of their week to see students discover Lindy hop and see people so positively impacted as they connect with each other & the music. Outside of swing dance they coincidentally both enjoy the fun & creativity of circus aerials!
Lani started dancing in 2010 one night at a class in Paddington. She instantly fell in love with the music, the community and of course swinging out. A year later she was not only hooked on Lindy-hop but Balboa as well, and more recently learning tap dancing too.
Derek has been dancing since 2012 and loves the way swing can be awe-inspiring one minute, and incredibly goofy the next. He was a key member of the Harbour City Hoppers for 4 years, loves advanced aerials, and enjoys combining blues with lindy-hop to explore rhythm and connection.
Lani and Derek teach with a focus on partnership and creativity, and are looking forward to seeing what fun original ideas the class creates!

Catherine and Max Pogonowski have been dancing together for 8 years and have won a number of competition medals as a partnership and individually. They led the Harbour City Hoppers performance troupe together for 4 years and have taught various weekly classes over time.
Catherine has a long background in ballet, jazz, tap and cabaret; she brings a wealth of knowledge about movement to her swing dancing. Her beautiful lines and playful footwork are a joy to behold and even more fun to connect with. Catherine brings a focus on technique and connection to her classes, and loves to explore how following is so much more than “just following”.
Max is passionate about making dancing as comfortable and fun as possible in every situation. His style is based on continuous flow, allowing for contrasting accents and ensuring a constant connection with his partner. As a teacher, he has an uncanny ability to get to the root cause of a problem rather than just treating symptoms.
Catherine and Max have taught together at Black Swan Blues, Swing Camp Oz and SwingMania, as well as some local workshops in Sydney. They’re passionate about music and can’t wait to share their ideas on musicality with you.

Trudi Pickering and Dean Badelles have been working together for a few years and currently anchor the Swing Patrol North Sydney classes.
Trudi has been dancing since 2000. She remembers walking up the stairs for her first dance class (of Nightclub Hustle!) and being stuck to the wall with nervousness. That feeling has long since passed, and she now gets nervous if she isn’t out on the dance floor! Trudi has taught for a range of dance schools, both in Sydney and Canada. She is a versatile dancer/teacher having performed and competed in Salsa, West Coast Swing, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rockabilly, Lindy Hop and Balboa.
Dean started dancing in 1999, after watching dance scenes in old movies. He has spent time learning, competing, performing and now teaching in various styles including Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rockabilly, Ballroom, Latin and most dances under the Swing umbrella. He has been in various performance troupes and has been involved in as well as choreographed performances at corporate, private and public events. Dean is crazy about the things that go along with the dance styles, including music, clothing and cars. You can regularly find him working as a DJ and collecting Vintage Clothing. Dean is passionate about building social dancing skills for dancers of all levels.