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Beginner Aerials

by swingadmin on 22nd March 2018

Take to the sky and learn to fly.
Aerials are an exciting part of swing dancing – and often the thing that catches the eye of the spectator or novice.
You too can experience the fun and adrenalin rush of “getting some air”.
Swing Patrol’s Beginner Aerials workshops teach you the fundamentals of flying, with basic technique, safety tips and a few totally achievable air steps.

Grab a partner and register today – the sky’s the limit!

Details at a glance

When: Saturday 12 May 2018, 2.30 – 5.45pm
Where: ReadyMade Rehearsal Space, Ultimo NSW
Who: Trudi Pickering & Dean Badelles welcome anyone with basic knowledge of swing dancing and a desire to learn basic aerials or practice technique.
How much: $120 per pair – one base and one flyer (you must register and attend with a partner.)
What next: Full details and registration link here.

Need some inspiration? Check out this high-flying clip, one of the most famous lindy hop aerials routines ever filmed:

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